The patented 360FishSweep fish handling equipment has been developed in collaboration with SalMar Farming and Lerøy Aurora to extract cleaner fish and wrasse in a highly efficient, predictable and gentle way. In less than a year, our system has removed more than 1 million lumpfish and many thousands of salmon that have suffered from disease or injuries.

We say 360FishSweep is the world’s most efficient fish handling equipment. With a very high depletion rate, minimal wear and tear on the crew and efficient operations, we are confident in this claim.

Feel free to contact us for references from customers who have become well acquainted with the system.

Dip net for lifting fish with water support

Storage cover and tarpaulin for disinfection

6,000 lumpfish – 7 minutes trawling time.
The world’s most efficient fish handling equipment for cleaner fish.